Magneto Studio® makes it easy and efficient to work both with SVGs containing unique shapes and with SVG files used as containers. In the latter case, Magneto Studio®'s features make it easy to move from working mockups based on complex graphical boards of elements to the working prototype.

Warning : The current version of Magneto Studio® only supports Tiny 1.1 SVG format files, so if there is a difference between your mockup and its visualization on your embedded hardware, you should check your export for compliance with this version.

Working with a container (SVG)

Once a mockup is made in software capable of exporting files in an SVG format (Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, etc.), it can be imported by a simple Drag & Drop into the Workspace area of Magneto Studio® to integrate it directly into its project.
The content of the container appears as a single object. However, it is possible to recover the elements of a container to make them into objects in their own right so that they can be manipulated like any other object in Magneto Studio®. To do this, simply place your mouse cursor on the element you want to turn into an object and double-click on it.

Tutorial: selecting an element from an SVG container

Warning : The tool does not allow (at this time) to manage the groups of a container. This means that if you use groups to create your container, they cannot be retrieved as such. If you want to manage groups in your container, you will have to select all your elements and group them directly from Magneto Studio®.

This intelligent management of SVG containers allows you to greatly accelerate the development flow.