After more than 15 years of activity, IMAGEM Technology® is still an independent company, without financial investors and remained on a human scale, that is first recognized for its innovative products. Rapid successes, especially in automotive market, are the proof that the Imagem solutions are not only technically attractive but economically as well. Imagem is present in many French car-makers concept cars and prototypes but also in standard equipment of many car brands through the technology licensing granted to a major international car equipment supplier in 2007, with about 8 millions vehicles produced from 2007 to 2020 with IMAGEM Technology®’s Intellectual Property.

Born from conviction

IMAGEM Technology® is a dynamic French company created in 2003 by engineers animated by a strong will to bring to the market a new and pragmatic answer for embedded displays systems.
Today, Its office is located near Paris at Voisins-le-Bretonneux in the Saint-Quentin en Yvelines activity area.

21 rue Jacques Cartier
Porte G - La Porte de Voisins
78960 Voisins-le-Bretonneux
Tel. +33 9 61 30 41 68

Innovation in genes

From his birth, IMAGEM Technology® was a startup recognized as a french J.E.I. (“Jeune Entreprise Innovante”, i.e. “New Innovative Company”). In may 2008, the company received a “Electron d'Or”, symbol of innovation delivered by the french publication “Electronique”, for its original HMI solution.
Since then, the company has never stopped accompanying the evolution of Embedded development through its Innovations.



The Vocation of Development and Embedded HMI

Automotive market is the historic focus, but IMAGEM Technology® provides transversal solutions for many embedded sectors (industry, aeronautics…).

Since 2003, IMAGEM Technology® has had a different idea of the embedded HMI than that accessible by the technical means of the time, and wants to propagate new, simple and intuitive means for its development. The Company disrupted the HMI's vision with the birth of its ATHLET® concept. His convictions: to integrate the tools of user feeling into a hardware accelerated engine, allowing him to offer dynamism, transparency and optimal quality on low-resolution screens ATHLET®.

The validity of this conviction, which preceded the need of the time, will be proven by the immense success and evolution that Apple was able to inspire with the release of the iPhone in 2007..

Precursor of UX-UI

The hybrid technology, both hardware and software, developed by IMAGEM Technology® up to 2019 was provided as Turnkey solutions materialized either by Intellectual Property, graphics card or prototyping box in order to fit different customer needs and profiles.
Starting in 2019, the company will make a major change in strategy to capitalize on its experience and make better use of its know-how by refocusing its business and offering on HMI and embedded development in three areas of innovation:

  • fast prototyping, to continue to capture customer needs and trends upstream, and allow graphic designers access to consumer embedded hardware for the first time,
  • the design and development of software tool chains for the production of embedded HMIs without limits and oriented towards User Experience,
  • revolutionizing the embedded development workflow by merging the embedded hardware and the high level office design tool.

This conviction of IMAGEM Technology® since its origin to offer products based on user profiles has today a name that meets an identified need: the User eXpérience !

Activities and customer profiles

Since the creation of the company, many large companies have trusted IMAGEM Technology® and continue to invest in their own future thanks to our experience and skills.
Discover the convictions of the company beyond the words marketing through their achievements by visiting the gallery.

From 2019, the company decides to put its experience and know-how in terms of embedded development for the benefit of all in order to allow both passionate beginners and experts in software development to achieve their own goals without worrying about the embedded constraints.
The ambition of this transformation is also to propose an economic model focused on very small to medium-sized worldwide companies (VSEs/SMEs).


The disruptive technologies maker

Since 2004, Imagem Technology® has remained true to its original convictions: the industry and the embedded world need Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions that meet designer requirements with minimal development effort and at low cost.
The first decade of the company’s existence has made it possible to shake up the world of graphics and video to open it up to the need for HMI.
The last challenge is to enable a different way of thinking about the development flow of embedded or industrial products.
Discover the company’s technological trajectory through its innovation from its origins to the present day.

Also find the innovative solutions of IMAGEM Technology® in the gallery of achievements and participation in prototypes and demonstrators of technology and communication of the big names in the industry.