Go from ideas to final industrial product
and get complete control over
the design and the development
on your embedded board
in less time than ever before.

Since 2004, we have been innovating in the field of development and display on embedded systems.


After fifteen years of disruptive Innovation in the field of graphics and embedded HMI and two years of exclusive and intensive R & D: all the capitalization of IMAGEM Technology® know-how and its inventive capacity are now put at the service of an unequalled approach in terms of User Experience.
Incredibly check at home and by yourself the practical reality behind the words for free in less than 10 minutes !
Discover the MAGNETO Studio® recipe, which will allow your mind to shape the material according to your inventiveness.


All the capitalization of IMAGEM Technology®‘s experience and its popularization capacity are now at the service of all. Design and develop without limits directly on your industrial board or your embedded system, thanks to a unique all-integrated tool that is aimed at graphic designers without software skills, as well as development experts.
Directly control material with your mind !


Software development is not an end in itself in the realization of an embedded or industrial product, but it requires dedicated and specialized skills depending on the choice of hardware platform. IMAGEM Technology® shakes up this observation and makes it a choice and not a constraint, by inventing 2D-Coding (Direct & Design-Coding), allowing from a single all-integrated tool, a real-time development of the application directly on its embedded equipment or its final industrial board.

The mock-up on the final product

Ideas and creation must remain the first factors of success.
With its innovative 2D-Coding concept (Direct & Design-Coding), the MAGNETO Studio® software allows, from a single integrated tool, a real-time development of the application directly on its embedded hardware, even for profiles without software development skills.
When carrying out proofs of concept and the prototyping of complex, high-level applications, this unprecedented approach allows unparalleled savings in time and resources.

Proof through practice

The marketing persuasiveness of the solutions on the market will probably have familiarized you with the concept from ideas to product in record time, but none of them will have offered to prove to you the reality of the words.

The competitive spirit of IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY® motivates to make a bet that no company will ever dare.

You have a personal computer supporting macOS from Mojave and you have a Raspberry PI-2 or 3 Model B platform. In less than 10 minutes watch in hand, your code and personalized data will bring your card to life on its own.


It has never been easier to evaluate a solution that meets your needs.

Discover the time and resource savings offered by IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY®'s unique approach by evaluating Magneto Studio® free of charge, which will allow you, even without software skills, training or implementation time, to develop your application directly on your embedded hardware in a record time never reached.

In terms of Man-Machine Interface, why have ready-to-wear when you can access custom fashion?


Intuitive interface

Take advantage of the amazingly intuitive and easy-to-use interface of a modern and powerful tool with unlimited creative possibilities.
Magneto Studio® lets you shape the electronics of your embedded system directly from your mind and ideas.

Full representativity

What could be more representative in relation to the final product, than to build your project simultaneously on your development machine and on your industrial embedded hardware, like on a mirror ?
With the unique approach of IMAGEM Technology®, the code is generated and executed in real time on your embedded target, and your GUI runs before your eyes and identically to its design on your office development machine.

Forget Embedded constraints

Focus on your applications and product objectives, and forget about hardware specificities and embedded constraints related to the choice of your physical system. Even and especially in your proof of concept and Human Machine Interface developments, benefit from IMAGEM Technology®'s unique technology to give the full power of the success of your products to the creation and design of your applications.

Be immediatly opérationnel

The solutions delivered by IMAGEM Technology® allow to remove the implementation time of the system parts of your hardware as well as the installation time and the time to take into account the software development tools.
There is no more need to have an Software Development Environment or to have knowledge about the Operating System of a market map, nor to have to resort to training to take in hand a new solution, to be operational in a few minutes and have your own code running autonomously on your embedded system.


The IMAGEM Technology®'s permanent quest for UX/UI is now put at the service of your product development. Magneto Studio® is both a powerful tool for HMI modeling and design, and a software development environment. For the first time, a single tool addresses distinct (usually) business profiles, respecting their work habits and intuitions.

Naturally adaptative

The adaptive nature of IMAGEM Technology® technology is reflected in all the areas necessary for the success of a project: hardware diversity (screens, electronic boards), the response to customer needs and their evolution, the development platform. The technical choices and the commitment in relation to them are no longer a prerequisite for the realization of a product or a demonstrator.

A minimized risk

With its unique approach, and its integrated robust code generator, Magneto Studio® merges the modeling and coding phases in the same tool, eliminating the risk of technical feasibility and temporal or functional discrepancy between the product specification and the final result which is dependent on hardware and software choices. In addition, the universal approach and the independence of IMAGEM Technology® from the hardware solutions on the market, guarantees a total freedom of strategic or economic choices of people or companies using the solution.

Test by yourself for free

You need to develop an embedded or industrial product and you doubt the relevance of our solutions in your own context. IMAGEM Technology®, wants to convince by practice and not persuade by words.
You can make your idea by yourself in a few hours and at no cost : download the fully integrated tool Magneto Studio® and let yourself be seduced by a new experience, going directly from your ideas to a representative standalone prototype. Translated with (free version)

They trusted us to accompany them in the realization of their prototypes, their Technology Demonstrators and their products.