The Recipe to become

a great chef of the Embedded

with MAGNETO Studio®

Use your favourite ingredients

Import all your creations (images, vector shapes, videos), your own developments or OpenSource libraries (for more technical profiles), or create your objects directly in MAGNETO Studio® and bring them to life in your application by animating them or adding interactions.
And above all, let your imagination run wild !

Simply structure your application

Use artboards to intuitively group your elements and visually structure your application flow at a glance.
Import your artboards directly from your favourite design tools (Sketch, Illustrator, etc.) and then recompose and animate only the useful objects of these.

In constant interaction with your creation

Create your application on your embedded platform like a chef preparing a new dish: add the ingredients, assemble them, taste them, season them, and start again until you get a result that is true to your ideas.
Integrate your « business » know-how by simply attaching your own variables to your application in a few lines of code directly in Magneto Studio®.

More than a mock-up, your final application

Show your customers what they expect and adapt your representative model on the spot if necessary for their complete satisfaction.
Don't worry about what happens in the technical scullery or in which containers your artwork will be served.

A creation independent of material choices

Choose until the last moment the material containersthat will receive your work and adapt, if necessary, the physical elements that will highlight your creation.

No additional preparation steps

The coding phases with all the uncertainties and risk they represent or deployment no longer exist since your code is generated and runs on your hardware without you being aware of it !
Restart your platform and enjoy, it's ready !

Soon distance delivery

In order to respond to the diversity of tastes and needs, Magneto Studio is already preparing its expansion to serve the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), by offering with the same simplicity the production of remote and distributed Man-Machine Interfaces et distribuées (for example in a WebView).
See you soon to discover this new ultra-fast service !

In conclusion : Be creative and greedy

Save time and money and impress your customers by developing
characterful products and offering a tailor-made service.
Prefer home-made to industrial ready-made products !