To understand Imagem Technology's innovative approach®
in the entire development flow
and according to the rich eco-system of Magneto Studio®,
we have chosen to propose as a first example
a complete interactive and connected application,
verifiable and achievable by all!


Time being the determining factor in the success of a project, we wished to allow you to make your first steps with our new approach according to the time that you will be able to grant us.
Also if you just want to check that what we present to you as "magic" is a reality in terms of embedded development flow, the experimentation will take you 5 minutes watch in hand!
On the other hand, if you want to go further in discovering the approach offered by Magneto Studio®, you can completely build your own standalone application by yourself by following the step-by-step tutorial described here and relying on the tutorials in our Help Center.
If finally you are looking for an embedded solution, you don't have a board from the Raspberry Pi family, or you don't have access to a computer running macOS, we provide you with the proof of this reality with the help of a video presenting in real time and without cutting the realization of an interactive and connected application from scratch.
Whatever your user profile, whatever your software development or Graphic Design skills, you will find that with Magneto Studio®, you will become capable of developing or porting your own standalone applications to your embedded hardware, in just a few minutes from the unboxing of a supported board to your final product.

You think: "these are still words"?

While the marketing persuasion of the solutions on the market will likely have familiarized you with the concept from ideas to product in record time, none will have offered to prove the words to you. At IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY®, the spirit of competition drives us and motivates us to take a gamble that no company will ever have dared!
Also we have chosen from 2019 to make a timed representative video made without tricks or cuts (and on a low-resource board and based on a low-power Soft CPU), so that everyone can compare what we call “Revolution in Embedded development” to what they know or what they are looking for. Today this approach is made available to everyone.

Spend 3 minutes to the following video and you will get a first idea by yourself, just forgetting in the flow of development and the eco-system presented that we are talking about… Embedded!

You want to CHECK the Reality?

Watch the following video made without tricks and without cutting to witness the creation of a standalone interactive application multimedia CLOCK-METEO-FRAME (in this case photo in this first example but soon video) and programmed on a Raspberry Pi 2-Model B driving a touchscreen with 800×480 resolution.

This same application can of course be viewed on a standard Full HD screen from this same card, with the user interaction features provided by a mouse connected to your board.

You want to do it yourself?

To perform your experiment in less than 10 minutes, you don’t have to prepare anything, if you don’t want to customize your application with your personal data. In this case, the time dedicated to the experiment will be reduced to the preparation time (formatting) of your SD-CARD (about 4 minutes) to which will be added the opening of the project provided as an example in MAGNETO Studio (a few seconds) that you will have previously downloaded from our site and installed on your computer. Between these two steps, you will still have to spend a few extra seconds to plug in your card and wait for it to automatically connect to Magneto Studio. That’s all there is to it! To have on your desktop a multimedia clock-meteo-frame (with Paris-France time), AND totally programmed by you!

In the absence of customization, you will have been able to verify the veracity of our pride in terms of development flow (without preparation of the hardware, without installation of development tools, without deployment).

For those who have a little more time, we suggest that you take a little more care in the preparation before starting the timer.

To succeed in the recipe and become a Great Chef of Embedded, you will need to gather the following ingredients:

1. Make sure you have a Raspberry 2 or 3 Model B board with its power supply (maybe at the bottom of a drawer…), and a blank SD-Card or not.

2. Make sure you have (or will have…) the chance to access a computer running macOS (Mojave version or later) and ask yourself if it is protected by a firewall (and if you will be able to unlock it when launching MAGNETO Studio).

3. Check that you have an RJ45 Ethernet cable or that you know the name of your Wifi network and its password if the Raspberry Pi board is designed to connect via Wifi.

4. Prepare personal photos (and soon a video…) that you want to contemplate at any time of the day or night.

5. If you want to customize the location of your weather (which is Paris by default), you’ll have to enter the more developer-dedicated part of the software and look a little deeper into the source files we’ve embedded to illustrate the natural link for Magneto Studio between the Design and Development worlds. The source files given as examples are from GitHub and provided under the MIT License. Therefore, for perennial and personal use of the weather data, you should get your (free) access right and login on OpenWeather (go to Weather API to create your account and get your personal key), and update the project source files with your own data. Without this adaptation, too many simultaneous accesses with the same key to the weather site would cause the free service to stop.

Whatever your need, you are ready to verify, without having to be convinced by words and presentations alone, that Imagem Technology®‘s novel approach can meet your expectations…

Go to the Free Trial page to download the all-in-one Magneto Studio software and make your first experience UNBELIEVABLE...

You want to realize the example from A to Z?

Follow step by step the detailed tutorial of the example. It will give you a guided design approach before you find your own way through the infinite possibilities offered by Magneto Studio®.
For a more in-depth understanding, use the detailed tutorials in our Help Center.