A New and Innovative Approach

Go from ideas to final industrial product and get complete control over the design and the development on your embedded board in less time than ever before.

Intuitive interface

Take advantage of the amazingly intuitive and easy-to-use interface of a modern and powerful tool with unlimited creative possibilities.
Magneto Studio® lets you shape the electronics of your embedded system directly from your mind and ideas.
All the technical complexity inherent to embedded or industrial hardware is masked by the unique Magneto Studio® tool that merges the needs of prototyping on a desktop machine and the constraints of development on a stand-alone board.
Its openness to standard multimedia data formats, the tools prized by designers, and development environments makes it possible to use it in a way that respects the work habits of both professionals and beginners.


The IMAGEM Technology®'s permanent quest for UX/UI is now put at the service of your product development.
Magneto Studio® is both a powerful tool for HMI modeling and design, and a software development environment. For the first time, a single tool addresses distinct (usually) business profiles, respecting their work habits and intuitions.
Our respect for the expertise of each user makes it possible to satisfy the requirements of the experts of each trade while opening and popularizing the various specialties with amateur or more generalist profiles.
In this search for complementarity, the choice of the C language as reference syntax is logically justified:

  • It has a simple syntax that allows user profiles without software development knowledge to make complex interactive and system-related applications, with the security of scripts when running in Magneto Studio®.
  • It remains the reference language in the development of Real-Time embedded applications and allows a natural link between HMI applications developed in Magneto Studio® and system or business developments carried out on embedded hardware.

Full representativity

What could be more representative in relation to the final product, than to build your project simultaneously on your development machine and on your industrial embedded hardware, like on a mirror? With the unique approach of IMAGEM Technology®, The code is generated and executed in real time on your embedded target, and your GUI runs before your eyes and identically to its design on your office development machine.
The effect is so natural that it gives the impression of a simple video copy while the reality is much more powerful: the data and code produced by Magneto Studio® are updated in real time on the target, and the code in development is constantly running on your connected platform.
No company had ever taken its innovation process so far.
Far from being an outdated need, IMAGEM Technology® gives a new pragmatic breath to the notion of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) by proposing its revolutionary concept of WYCIWIR (What You Create Is What Is Running).
The embedded engine developed by IMAGEM Technology® which is the heart of your system is the legacy of 17 years of innovation. : it is compact, reliable, and efficient even on small systems.. Even on complex HMI applications, it allows rendering according to the specification and modeling on a desktop machine.

Naturally adaptative

The adaptive nature of IMAGEM Technology® technology is reflected in all the areas necessary for the success of a project: hardware diversity (screens, electronic boards), the response to customer needs and their evolution, the development platform. The technical choices and the commitment in relation to them are no longer a prerequisite for the realization of a product or a demonstrator.

Everything at IMAGEM Technology® has been designed to allow portability and adaptability of the customer's investment:

  • Your applications will remain perennial even if you choose to change the electronics of your product, thanks to a light and reliable embedded engine that is the result of more than 10 years of innovation. It is first proposed on the very popular Raspbery Pi product family, and will be extended tomorrow on other industrial boards.
  • Your HMI developments adapt in real time to new specifications or to the appearance of new needs. Natively, our technology integrates all the facilities that allow the user to instantly and transparently modify his application to adapt it to his choice of screen (portrait/landscape orientation or scaling).
  • Today on macOS, the all-integrated tool Magneto Studio® is intended to be deployed on other types of computers. From the beginning of its design, it has been thought to be ported to office machines of more modest power and running on other Operating Systems used for software development (Windows, Linux).

Through its novel approach, Magneto Studio® merges the material aspects of an industrial product in the crucible that the tool represents, to directly shape it to the model of the creation, without having to go through the technical, temporal and economic vagaries that a change in the initial choices of the project represents .

Forget Embedded constraints

Focus on your applications and product objectives, and forget about hardware specificities and embedded constraints related to the choice of your physical system. Even and especially in your proof of concept and Human Machine Interface developments, benefit from IMAGEM Technology®'s unique technology to give the full power of the success of your products to the creation and design of your applications.
For those who have already been confronted with the realities of the "embedded", with the difficulties involved in the evolution of an application whose proofs of concept or mock-ups have been made on high-powered machines with no physical limits, towards systems with constrained resources and limited power that make up the final product, they will appreciate the embedded qualities of IMAGEM Technology®'s technology, which leads to the compactness and optimization of the code intended for the embedded target. The choice to integrate directly at the level of application objects the execution elements in C syntax, allows the user to offer the simplicity and power of scripts while benefiting in the end from the performance of a compiled code. In the same way, the design of an embedded engine with a multitasking aspect without the need to have a Real Time kernel in the user system, allows to offer freedom and flexibility to the system architect to integrate in his product environment all or part of the elements produced by Magneto Studio®. Note that the evaluation version on Raspberry Pi integrates a totally standard Linux system which allows the user who wishes to do so to make the Magneto engine cohabit with his own developments or applications.
Its data-driven model (Data flow driven) guarantees its reliability and gives it a natural opening at the level of applications on peripherals or variables linked to the system that carries the embedded engine.
All of IMAGEM Technology®'s experience and know-how in terms of small systems with low resources is concentrated in the embedded Magneto engine, to simply make you forget the differences and hardware diversity between embedded boards.

Discover or re-view the Fall 2019 video showcasing Magneto Studio®'s concepts on an FPGA-based platform featuring a 100 Mips Soft CPU (the power of a microcontroller with a graphics acceleration cell), but offering a user experience equivalent to using a much more powerful Raspberry Pi.

A minimized risk

With its unique approach, and its integrated robust code generator, Magneto Studio® merges the modeling and coding phases in the same tool, eliminating the risk of technical feasibility and temporal or functional discrepancy between the product specification and the final result which is dependent on hardware and software choices.
In addition, the universal approach and the independence of IMAGEM Technology® from the hardware solutions on the market, guarantees a total freedom of strategic or economic choices of people or companies using the solution.
The hazards of defining and developing a product introduce a significant risk component at the embedded software level. By merging the modeling and coding phases in the same tool, Magneto Studio® enables the feat of reducing development time in iterative processes such as the specification, elaboration and ergonomic evaluation of the Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) in an unprecedented way.
Thanks to a reliable and compact proprietary embedded engine, the code generated on the embedded target will prove to be robust and efficient even on small, low-resource architectures (see the Fall 2019 video presenting the concepts of Magneto Studio on an FPGA-based platform integrating a 100 Mips Soft CPU, i.e. the power of a micro controller with a graphics acceleration cell).
The generation of application code is a permanent feature of the Magneto Studio® tool from the prototyping phase to final production. Its integration with the user's own or specific developments is done in an open way and can therefore naturally fit into the user's environment and development flow throughout the life of the project. This feature, which differs Magneto Studio® from all other tools on the market, naturally carries the answer to the risk of divergence between the specification and the realization of a product.
The application development time that can be reduced to zero makes IMAGEM Technology®'s approach ideal for the realization of representative prototypes requiring the functional and ergonomic evaluation of HMIs.
Finally, from a general point of view, the free and autonomous approach proposed for the evaluation and use of Magneto Studio®, as well as its openness to the world of traditional software development allows everyone to make their choices according to their ambitions or development strategies.
This freedom from a software development point of view is also found in Magneto Studio®'s openness to other market standard graphic formats and tools, which prevents the user from feeling captive or finding himself in an impasse related to a limitation linked to one version of the tool.

Be immediately operational

The solutions delivered by IMAGEM Technology® allow to remove the implementation time of the system parts of your hardware as well as the installation time and the time to take into account the software development tools. There is no more need to have an Software Development Environment or to have knowledge about the Operating System of a market map, nor to have to resort to training to take in hand a new solution, to be operational in a few minutes and have your own code running autonomously on your embedded system.
The all-integrated tool proposed by IMAGEM Technology® reduces to ZERO the implementation time of the system parts of your hardware as well as the time to take into account the software development tools.
No training is required to be immediately operational and learning can be done individually through examples and video tutorials.
Within the framework of a Man-Machine Interface development, breaking the traditional sequential flow or mock-up of the design on office software must then be analyzed, sometimes reduced according to the technical possibilities and then transcoded by software developers to resubmit the result to its creator, who can then realize the final aspect of the product.
As part of a universal approach, Magneto Studio® can be used as a single tool integrating all the elements required to use and program a card (Operating System, Software Development Chain), and offering an unlimited creation capacity due to its openness to standard graphic tools on the market.
By merging the modeling and coding phases in the same tool, Magneto Studio® allows you to build in real time your functional application on your embedded hardware, according to your own skills or technical sensibilities.

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Test by yourself for free

Although the persuasive marketing power of the solutions on the market will probably have familiarized you with the concept from idea to product in record time, none of them will have offered to prove to you the reality of the words. At IMAGEM Technology®, the competitive spirit drives us and motivates us to make a bet that no one has ever dared.

You are looking for an embedded solution, or you need to develop an embedded or industrial product and you doubt the relevance of our solutions in your own context. IMAGEM Technology® wants to convince by practice and not persuade by words. You can make up your own mind in a few minutes and free of charge: download the all-integrated tool Magneto Studio® and let yourself be seduced by an unprecedented experience, going directly from your ideas to a representative standalone prototype.

  • You are looking for an embedded solution or you want to realize your own embedded or industrial application,
  • you have a card of the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 family and an SD-Card (maybe still in their packaging...),
  • you have access to a computer compatible with the latest version of Magneto Studio®,

So, whatever your skills in software development or Graphic Design: just download Magneto Studio® and in less than 10 minutes, your own application will run autonomously with your personal data on your hardware.