Participate in the Revolution

Since 2004, Imagem Technology® has remained true to its original beliefs: industry and the embedded world need Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions that meet the requirements of designers with minimal development effort and at low cost.

The company’s first decade has shaken up the world of graphics and video to enable low-resource, low-power industrial and embedded systems to meet increasingly demanding HMI needs.

Its current major challenge is to allow to think differently about the development flow of embedded or industrial products, and to allow access to embedded development and complex HMI realization to everyone and at costs never proposed.

Be actors and spectators

Also whatever the profile of the users, the size of the company, the importance of the project, we hope that each actor will be proud of his achievements and will come in the future to breathe the breath of the Revolution or to smell the aroma of the new Great Chefs of the Embedded...
This space will be reserved for you in the future to share your achievements and your pride with the other members of the Magneto Studio Community.