The disruptive technologies maker

From the initial convictions of the company founders, the embedded industry needs a Graphics User Interface (GUI) solution that fits designer requirements with minimal development effort at low cost.
On the paper, candidates exist but they all require powerful target device to be successfully integrated, and are coming from the consumer market, which is rarely compatible with the EMBEDDED constraints. Moreover, their uses require technical, and sometimes strategical, investment of the company.
The philosophy of IMAGEM Technology® since its origin is to mask the technical complexity of the graphics domain in order to let user focusing on his own competencies and challenges.

2003, the birth of a new technology

Since 2003, IMAGEM Technology® has had a different idea of the embedded HMI than that accessible by the technical means of the time, and wants to propagate new, simple and intuitive means for its development. The Company disrupted the HMI’s vision with the birth of its ATHLET® concept. His convictions: to integrate the tools of user feeling into a hardware accelerated engine, allowing him to offer dynamism, transparency and optimal quality on low-resolution screens.

First soft CPUs were introduced in the FPGA technology at the beginning of the millennium by Altera, opening a new way of investigation. By combining the strength of the electronics and the intelligence of an integrated CPU, a new way of thinking and opportunities based on complementary competencies were opened.

The company IMAGEM Technology® was a pioneer in this FPGA hybrid technology, and the first company to be able to use generic components to build High Quality and dynamic GUI on FPGA-based system on-chip.

ATHLET® was the d'IMAGEM Technology® trademark for its Video & Graphics products line based on a legacy implementation for FPGA, mixing software & hardware, and offering the best trade-off between antinomic needs for industrial products.

2012 - Embedded Player Flash®

While the battle for standards for the implementation of HMIs is taking place between the major software companies, driven by performance limitations on high- performance desktop machines, IMAGEM Technology® will remain the only company to have developed and industrialized its own Flash® engine on FPGAs with a soft CPU of less than 100 Mips.
Industrial furnace equipment benefits from this technology to offer complex, dynamic and attractive user interfaces to the end user.
Always at the forefront, the company understood the importance of the ecosystem for improving the flow of on-board development and introduced this concept into its products.

2018 - Qt on FPGA

Continuing its approach of optimizing the flow of embedded software development by improving the ecosystem, IMAGEM Technology® is interested in existing consumer standards to apply them in constrained environments.
Faced with the success of the Qt framework in the embedded fields, and within a partner project bringing together the major aerospace companies, IMAGEM Technology® has taken up the challenge of running the Qt framework on the smallest matrix of Intel's FPGA family (MAX10), thus allowing the user to benefit on these industrial components from all the tools in the development chain that contribute to Qt's success.

2019 - A revolution in the flow of embedded development

From 2019, and in response to a diversified and high-performance offer of graphic components, IMAGEM Technology® refocuses its activities and expertise in embedded HMI on software solutions around existing components.
For the company, technologies must be hidden behind the user expectations and the needs of companies to invest in development tools and methods that make their human investment profitable on several products. The company’s original convictions, and too far in advance 15 years ago, have finally found a term that resonates in everyone’s ears: “User Experience”! At the same time, the solutions proposed must continue to be able to adapt to the best technical choices among the current offers

To meet this need, IMAGEM Technology® continues to innovate in the Embedded world by offering its revolutionary MAGNETO Studio® all-integrated tool concept.