MARCH 2021

The Embedded within reach of all

After fifteen years of disruptive innovation in the fields of graphics and embedded HMI and two years of exclusive and intensive R&D: all the capitalization of IMAGEM Technology®‘s know-how and its inventive capacity are now put at the service of an unequalled approach in terms of User Experience.
Back in the fall of 2019, we were sharing the proof of concept that it was possible to think differently about the embedded development flow through a representative video timed done without any tricks or cuts (and on a low-resource, low-power Soft CPU-based board), so that everyone could compare what we are calling a “Revolution in Embedded Development” to what they know or are looking for. Today this approach is available to everyone on boards from the Raspberry Pi family.
Verify at home and by yourself in an incredible way the practical reality behind the words for free in less than 10 minutes!