First steps

Before you start, you need to prepare your equipment. You will need :

  • A Raspberry Pi model 0, 2 ou 3 (model 0 not available at the moment) and its power supply
  • A micro SD card (1 GB minimum)
  • An internet connection (wireless or with an RJ45 Ethernet cable)

Once you have these elements at your disposal, all you have to do is follow the next steps.

Preparation of the micro SD card

Here are the steps to follow to prepare your micro SD card :

  1. Insert the micro SD card into your computer
  2. Open Magneto Studio
  3. Go to the "Target" tab (in the menu bar) and click on "Generate SDCard..."
  4. Select the micro SD card.
  5. Select the model of your Raspberry Pi.
  6. If needed, enter the information to configure your Wifi connection.
  7. Click on "go !"

Once these steps are completed, wait for the preparation phase to end.

Connection and configuration

Now you are ready to start your new experience !

1. Plug in your Raspberry Pi

In case you have configured your Wifi connection in the previous steps you can go directly to Creation of your first project.

Otherwise connect your Raspberry Pi to your network (via an Ethernet cable) :

  • On your network infrastructure (router or switch)
  • In point to point (computer and Raspberry Pi) 

Tutorial: enable connection sharing on macOS

In order for your Raspberry Pi to connect to Magneto Studio via a local (point-to-point) connection, you need to go to the System Preferences on your mac, then in Sharing check the Internet Sharing service. This step will be essential if you want to make the tutorial of your first application.

2. Run Magneto Studio

Wait a few moments (30 seconds maximum) until the light turns green. If nothing happens or the light stays yellow or red, click on the indicator to establish the connection.

Once the light is green, you are finally ready to create your application !

For a better experience we recommend connecting the Raspberry Pi to a touch screen for real-time interactive design.

Create your first project

Tutorial : Create your first project

To start any project you will need to create a workspace (Artboard). To do this click on the "Artboard" tool (area 4) and create an Artboard the size of your screen (automatically displayed in blue dotted lines when clicking on the tool).

Save your project with the CTRL + S command or go to the menu bar in File > Save. Choose the location of your project and save it.

That's it, you're ready to let your imagination create fabulous embedded projects !

If you want to get an idea of what kind of project you can do, we invite you to start by making the example project with Magneto Studio.