Organization of a project

Magneto Studio® allows project recording in a simple and readable way even when not using the tool. This choice is particularly interesting when project management is subject to strong constraints of sharing, traceability, archiving, etc.
Similarly, and for the same reasons, the management of external or user software (source codes, libraries) is clearly localized and separated from the files needed for the embedded HMI engine.

Saving project format (.mgt)

The project structure is saved in a file with the extension ".mgt". If you open this file with a text editor or with Magneto Studio® (button "Editor" in the toolbar, area 4), you will find the description of the elements that make up your project i.e. images, shapes, multimedia objects, as well as their attributes. The actual resources of the project are stored in folders at the root of the project such as "Images" or "Shapes". If you integrate your own software developments into your application, you will find files (in C language) and/or directories reserved for programming files and binary libraries.
The advantage of a recording like this is that you can easily understand and modify certain elements by hand without going through Magneto Studio®.

Project folders and files

First you will find your working pages (Artboards) and their contents. Then the system events (SysEvents) and lastly the libraries needed for the project.

Example :

Recording format of a project

For more understanding let's break down the above example together:

There we find, as said before the main Artboard defined by a name (id), a position (top left corner, x and y), a size (w for "width" and h for "height"), a color (in hexadecimal) and then the details of all the elements that compose it. That is, here a text and a rectangle that have the same kind of properties. The text has it in addition its content (defined by the line "text:"), its font , its size and also an animation with the properties related to the animation. Here the animation indicates that it concerns only the movement in x and y. As for the rectangle, it has an action property (onPress) that will launch the "Anim1" animation in state 1, which is the text movement animation seen earlier.

The definition of system events is detached from the content of the Artboard and is also defined by its own properties depending on the type of system events.

At the end, the list of internal libraries that are necessary for the correct functioning of the application appears.

Project Registration Environment

The projects are saved in files with the extension '.mgt' as seen previously but also with all the resources necessary for the application.

It contains with the file extension ".mgt" the folders :

  • Shapes : Folder containing all files in SVG format.
  • Images : Folder containing all the images (.jpg, .png).
  • Fonts : Folder containing all fonts (.ttf) related to the application.

Files and folders deployed in a project