Interacting with the HMI

The applications developed in Magneto Studio® are based on a data-driven management model (Dataflow Driven), which means that the application's HMI part reacts to the solicitations of the outside world and the system in response to the updating of variables. It is also thanks to these variables that it translates the end user's commands to the hardware or functional elements of the application.

Variables can be linked to system events or to code variables associated with parts of the user program, instantiated and configured by the user as needed.

Interaction diagram

It is important to note that the variables, as soon as they are updated, are automatically updated on the interface of your application (without any action from the user).

There are two types of variables within the Magneto environment :

  • System variables: these are variables created when system events are added. They depend on the hardware and are predefined. They will allow you to access information specific to the system such as the time, the screen brightness, to set up timers, etc.
  • User variables (for developers): these are variables that you can create to interact with your code or your own software developments.