Although the persuasive marketing power of the market's solutions
will probably have familiarized you with
the concept from idea to product in record time,
No one will have offered to prove to you the reality of the words.

At d'IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY®, the spirit of competition drives us
and motivates us to do
a bet that no company will ever dare!


You are looking for an embedded solution, you have a board from the Raspberry Pi family, and you have access to a computer running macOS.
Whatever your user profile, whatever your skills in software development or Graphic Design: just download Magneto Studio and in less than 10 minutes, your own CLOCK-METEO-MULTIMEDIA FRAME application will run autonomously on your hardware and with your own code and data.

Que vous faut-il pour préparer votre expérience de moins de 10 minutes ?

You don’t have to prepare anything, if you don’t want to customize your application with your personal data. In this case, the time spent on the experiment will be reduced to the formatting time of your SD-CARD plus the opening of the sample project in MAGNETO Studio. So you will still need to spend 3 to 4 minutes with a not very sexy clock on your desktop and no local weather indications, AND totally programmed by yourself and autonomous! BUT you will have been able to verify the veracity of our pride in terms of development flow (no hardware preparation, no installation of development tools, no deployment).
For those who have a little more time, we suggest that they spend a few minutes of preparation before starting the stopwatch.

1. Check that you have a Raspberry 2 or 3 Model B board with its power supply (maybe at the bottom of a drawer…), and a empty SD-Card or not.

2. Make sure you have (or will have…) the chance to access a computer running macOS (Mojave version or later) and ask yourself if it is protected by a firewall (and if you will be able to unlock it when launching MAGNETO Studio).

3. Check that you have an RJ45 Ethernet cable or that you know the name of your Wifi network and its password if the Raspberry Pi card is designed to connect via Wifi (it is then advisable to take a closer look at the tutorial in the next step).

4. Watch the video tutorial on this page.

5. Prepare personal photos and video that you would like to view at any time of the day.

6. To get your (free) access right and login to OpenWeather, go to Weather API and create your account. Get and keep your personal key, to enter it into the integrated MAGNETO Studio sample project. To find out the city code of the city closest to your Raspberry, you can download the file we have prepared for you.

You are ready to… You just have to wait for the end of the countdown to download MAGNETO Studio, by clicking on the link that will appear below or by going to the download page.

How to customize and program your standalone multimedia Weather-Clock application on my Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 Model B with MagnetoStudio.

In a few days, you will discover how to make your application from scratch from a video tutorial.

Why offer you a software with all its features?

After participating in major projects and advancing major companies since 2004, IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY® has remained true to its original spirit: to allow everyone to express their talent and let their ideas grow without being hindered by the constraints of embedded development.
This quest of always became a reality with the concept MAGNETO STUDIO®. This ultimate step in the evolution of the company is an achievement in terms of the flow of development, which no large company, despite the means at their disposal, has ever reached, or probably even imagined, to this day.
Of course, the road ahead to improve every detail of your User Experience through a single tool has only just begun, and the innovations to come remain numerous.
Today, to democratize this non-standard approach, and to make it accessible to any size of project and company, we have developed a business model based on the success and diffusion of our product.
What better candidate could be found outside of the very popular Raspberry PI family, to allow the diversity of users to discover what we can bring to them?
In order for the User Experience to be a complete and unreserved success, we wanted the full range of GUI and eco-system features to be available as of the free version, so that even the cost of a license (although very moderate 😉 is not an obstacle to the user's verification of what MAGNETO STUDIO® can or could bring him. For the enthusiasts, we also wanted the most popular Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Model B boards to be exploitable as a final product, even in the university offer or for private use.
Of course, other boards will be added to our showcase, allowing industrial actors to design and produce their final product even before the choice of their hardware board!
As electronics and embedded computing are among the major technological challenges of today and tomorrow, we are glad that you took the time to read this note, which shows that you are probably looking for solutions and answers. We thank you for including our approach, which is totally different from the existing one, in your reflection and we remain available via our contact page to exchange with you.

A bit of patience, we are fine-tuning the last details to make your first experience on Magneto Studio UNFORGETTABLE ...