Evaluation (2017)

It is now possible to evaluate the ATHLET® SWF IP core either on the Imagem reference platform(s) or directly on your own FPGA platform FOR FREE.
After filling the Evaluation form, you will get access to the full SDK package containing encrypted VHDL component, software library and API, tutorials, documentations and board reference design.
This evaluation version of the IP is time-limited, requiring a power-on sequence after 60mn to restart. Contact Imagem to order time-unlimited version for full development and production.
This package allows you to evaluate the solution both from a hardware, software and graphics designer point of view.

Reference Platforms

The following table lists the reference platform(s) selected by Imagem for the ATHLET® SWF evaluation. For each platform, a reference design is available allowing playing Adobe Flash content in minutes. These platforms can be ordered directly on their respective supplier website.

Name Platform Description Supplier More details
Multimedia Development Kit including:
-Altera DE115 (Cyclone IV EP4CE115)
-5 Mpixel Digital Image Sensor Module
-8″ LCD Touch Screen Module
Terasic Technologies www.terasic.com

The Terasic VEEK (Video and Embedded Evaluation Kit) is the perfect platform if you want to build a GUI including real-time video and touch screen. Indeed, the VEEK ATHLET® SWF reference design, delivered into the Evaluation SDK, has been designed for a direct use of CCD camera and TV decoder video inputs in addition to the LCD touch screen. This allows a direct evaluation of real-time video and touch-screen concepts without spending time on low-level driver’s development.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Hardware overview

The hardware module of the ATHLET® SWF solution is provided as a TCL component compatible with QuartusII 11.0 or later version. This component is compatible both with SOPC Builder and Qsys for fast and easy integration into on-chip Altera FPGA systems.
Hardware evaluation requires minimal knowledge about Quartus II and integrated system generation tool (SOPC Builder or Qsys). For customers targeting one of the listed reference platforms, SDK reference designs are provided with FPGA programming files, eliminating the need of hardware job (HDL design creation and Quartus II compilation).

Software evaluation

Software evaluation is done under ALTERA Eclipse Nios II IDE. Comprehensive C-ANSI reference programs, using ATHLET® SWF library functions, allow making a SWF GUI running onto the FPGA system in minutes.
SDK is delivered with Adobe Flash file examples allowing understanding the relevance of the development flow from PC design under authoring tool (Adobe Flash Creative Suite) to FPGA target integration. SWF Examples include full interactivity demonstration between the Nios II hardware peripherals, Nios II software application and SWF GUI elements.

Graphics design evaluation

SDK is delivered with Adobe Flash file source examples compatible with ADOBE® FLASH® Creative Suite version 5 (CS5). These source examples (.FLA) can serve as reference design for the global evaluation, but also as templates for new designs.

Evaluation Package overview




Embedded Hardware (Quartus II)

ATHLET® SWF TCL Component VHDL Component for Quartus II SOPC Builder or Qsys tool that allows easy instantiation and configuration of ATHLET® IP core in a Quartus II FPGA design. Compatible with Quartus II 11.0 or higher versions.
ATHLET® SWF component user manual Component user manual helping to instantiate and configure the IP.


Platform(s) Reference design Dedicated VHDL design for each reference FPGA platform.
Reference design includes Ready-to-use software project.


Embedded Software (Nios II)

ATHLET® SWF library Binary library in C-ANSI  
ATHLET® SWF library Programming Guide Software documentation describing in details the Application Program Interface (API) of the ATHLET® SWF Library.


GUI Application (Adobe® Flash®)

Hmi Imagem Tool Suite
PC tools allowing graphics designer to interact on the SWF through applicative variables, mouse and keys. Powerful tool to test the SWF GUI on PC before running it on the target.
ATHLET® SWF Release Content Specification Set of graphics features and ActionScript commands supported by the current release of the ATHLET® SWF Player.


Flash design examples Flash design used as source example in the tutorial. Template Flash design (.fla) for customer.

Version upgrade




update overview




Package download

Evaluation package can be downloaded from the Imagem Technology website home page Customer login area. If you do not have a valid login, fill the form by clicking here. In return, you will get a login and password by e-mail in order to connect to the FTP and to download the last version of the SDK.