The need of prototyping systems

From customers side, some needs often exist to prove their own technology or competencies on systems requiring a display. The problem appear in this case because the external appreciation of their work goes through the visual part of their system, becoming then dependent of their graphics and GUI choices. This situation can lead to an incredible investment on the visual part of the system instead of the functional one, which can be dramatical or insurmountable for small companies. The requirements of embedded and stand-alone system makes an additional obstacle.

The range of IMAGEM Technology®‘s customer profiles is expected to go from technical experts to passionate designers, with adapted products to people involved in project. This view allows them to focus on their own challenges when the HMI need is not one of them.

To fit embedded requirements and propose HMI prototyping systems, IMAGEM Technology® has developed a strong expertise in embedded Video & Graphics autonomous modules. The High Level concepts introduced in the ATHLET® products can allow to hide the internal technical complexity to able customer to propose an attractive Human-Machine Interface in his product.

Each product embeds its own HMI framework, can run autonomously or remotely with compatibility with IMAGEM Technology®‘s developed tools on Personal Computers.

Existent products are the ATHLET® Xtreamer is the IMAGEM® Prototyping Box (“IP-Box”).

ATHLET® Xtreamer

The ATHLET® Xtreamer family targets applications that need mixing and compositing videos in Real-Time or in data stream format.


To fit specific customer needs in a cost-adapted model, the ATHLET® Xtreamer is a custom made product, but proposes different product versions. Versions diversity exists for video inputs and display output(s) but the user-experience of the Xtreamer stay the same.


For example, the system features of the CVI-IV version are the following:

Xtreamer CVI-IV version features:

Video Outputs 1 DVI output up to Full HD (1920×1080)
1 SDI output with dynamic pattern for testing video inputs
Video Inputs 4 SDI Full HD (1920×1080)
Data Inputs UDP port (standard RJ45 ethernet link). 10-100Mb/s,1Gb/s
User control TCPIP/IP port, supporting a network managed through a DHCP server (standard RJ45 ethernet link)
Connection Connection and disconnection is managed automatically and at anytime,
only one connection with a host platform is supported by the Xtreamer
Integrated IP ATHLET® Mobile OBJect v2.0
Programming script LUA
Boot User script launched at runtime



The IP-Box has been designed specially for automotive application prototyping. It is destined to be directly plugged on car power supply and network, and can be used in a fully autonomous mode or as a development PC remote platform.
Since 2005, 4 generations of autonomous modules have allowed to demonstrate the capability of ATHLET® technology through multi-displays and multi-videos HMIs applications.
Last generation of compact modules includes interconnection to CAN vehicle network for in-car prototyping and concept car demonstration.

IP-Box 2010 version features:

Video Outputs 1 DVI output up to SXGA (1280×1024)
Capability to drive custom displays
(some versions exist with 2 automotive LVDS)
Video Inputs 1 DVI output up to SXGA (1280×1024)
Capability to drive custom video inputs
HMI Framework TCPIP/ATHLET Embedded Flash Player v2.0
Programming language for animations and application controls ActionScript 2.0
Communication 1 RS232 port for remote control through IMAGEM tool
(compatible with USB/RS232 adapter)
Additional features SD-Card slot for fast update of firmware or user files
2xCAN bus configurable from 125Kb/s to 1 Mb/s
1 RS232 for specific touchscreen panel (custom versions)
6 GPIOs (4 inputs, 2 outputs)

Want to learn more about Adobe Flash ?

Warning, this product was used until 2015 for automotive demonstrators or Concept Car (see the gallery), and several dozen of products still running mainly in French car manufacturer. Since january 2015, this product is not available but a new version is under development.

Feel free to contact us if you have prototyping/demonstrators needs.