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With the CRYSTAL-IN solution, IMAGEM Technology® has invented the concept of Embedded Unlimited-HMI board, which overcomes the widespread concept of Graphics Cards. It proposes an ecosystem around all advanced HMI needs for unlimited designs. The CRYSTAL-IN product is a ready-to-use HMI Card based on a small form factor hardware module and integrating an Embedded FLASH Player engine that delivers high performance at small resource. This graphic Card is the solution of choice to put an interractive Flash User Interface in an embedded product.

Provided with a ready-to-use PC-Tools Suite, the CRYSTAL-IN solution allows customer to jump from PC Flash design to embedded SWF HMI in minutes leading to unprecedent productivity capability.

The CRYSTAL-IN Concept covers the following features

  • SWF files player
  • Video input port(s) (real-time video management)
  • Display output port(s) with configurable timings
  • Backlight management
  • Touchscreen management with flexible user configuration
  • In-system BIOS (user configuration, secure updates, diagnostic, …)
  • Preloading Flash capability for a fast splash screen displaying.
  • UART serial link(s) for remote interactivity
  • Integrated sensors for system management (e.g. board temperature)
  • GPIOs for local interactivity

Depending on the CRYSTAL-IN board versions, some of the features (e.g. video input) can not be physically available or not.

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The Ultimate Tool Chain

Take the benefits of merging customer product challenges and development phases constraints by using the same rich format on PC and on your final product.

The SWF file contains the whole HMI (graphics and behavior). The Imagem’s Embedded SWF player allows to play it directly on the HMI board. The direct exploitation of the HMI SWF file eliminates development risks after the product definition.

The communication between the HMI board and the system/host CPU is done through high-level system informations such as variables, keys and cursor parameters. This strategic Applicative Data Exchange approach acting as a model view-controller between a host and the HMI card, allows separation since conception phase between functional and visible part of the system. It allows the reuse of the customer developments.

Interactivity oriented

In order to render an animation more dynamic and especially let the user interact with it, Flash gives the possibility to execute code (ActionScript) when particular events occur: for example when the player enters a frame, when the user clicks a button, …

The ATHLET® SWF solution supports the native Flash events, ie it generates internally the Flash events based on some stimuli provided externally: time, cursor and key and triggers the right event handler code execution.
Thus, you can design your HMI to react to native Flash events, essentially produced by user actions through mouse or keyboard.
In addition to these native Flash events, the ATHLET® SWF solution provides access to the root variables of your Flash animation from outside, that offers a lot of control capabilities to your customer application.

For local interactivity, CRYSTAL-IN allows customer connecting GPIOs to ActionScript variables.
For remote interactivity, CRYSTAL-IN BIOS allows AS variables updates through the UART serial link. A dedicated serial protocol allows remote unit to exchange variables with the Graphics Card. This serial protocol includes variables but also cursor (mouse or touch screen) and keys support for full interactivity.

HITS (HMI Imagem Tools Suite) is a PC tool that has been designed for CRYSTAL-IN commodities (updates, programmation, …), but especially to interact with a SWF (that is located either on the PC or on the CRYSTAL-IN target). HITS is able to extract all the variables from a SWF and to display them. In this way, designer can validate exhaustively a SWF by modifying the variables, which automatically updates SWF.

The tools suite is provided for free when purchasing a CRYSTAL-IN product (board or Starter Kit, see below).


Starter Kit

To address the immediate needs of evaluation or representative demonstrators, a CRYSTAL-IN Starter Kit is proposed which allows customers both to get access to full documentation and tools suite, and experiment by their own the Imagem’s HMI solution. They can develop representative prototype and even optimize the final HMI without any specific hardware.

Starter Kit content

The Starter Kit is composed by:

  • an industrial CRYSTAL-IN HMI board integrated in a autonomous system for HMI prototyping
    a SD-CARD with installation software for PC-Windows environment,
  • a SD-CARD / USB adaptator,
  • a 12V-DC power supply with cable
  • a USB/miniUSB cable for interconnection with PC-Windows Tools

The complete system includes the following functions available for user:

  • TFT display with capacitive touchscreen
  • configurable DVI/VGA video outputs
  • SD-CARD slot
  • RS232/USB communication port
  • 5 button switches / 2 micro-switches
  • 4 leds
  • Board temperature sensor.


The Starter Kit is delivered with a full documentation allowing a customer to have a detailed knowledge of the solution added value, and to make a projection of technical integration of the CRYSTAL-IN solution in his own products. Tutorials with sources and video examples are included in the package to accelerate the understanding of the Flash Technology.

Available Documentation

Document Name Version
CRYSTAL-IN Overview V1.0
CRYSTAL-IN Starter Kit Quick Start Guide V1.0
CRYSTAL-IN User Manual V1.1
CRYSTAL-IN Datasheet V1.0
Building embedded HMI with Adoble Flash Jan. 2011
CRYSTAL-IN Flash Release Content Specification V1.0
CRYIN-Serial link protocol Contact Us

Firmware Releases

Release date Version Files
2013/10/01 V1.0 ~imt.ifw
Planned in May 2015 V1.1 ~imt.ifw

Available products

To propose a realistic industrial and economical product, the CRYSTAL-IN board has been designed and is produced in collaboration with the french company SERSA® Electronique.

Product Name Content Overview Price (euros) Ordering Code Vendors
(defined below)
Pre-programmed Crystal-In module, 1year maintenance, and updates Contact us
or vendors for quotation
IMTCYN-B1 Sersa®
Starter Kit
Prototyping Kit based on the pre-programmed Crystal-In module, Full documentation, Tools Suite (HITS), 1year maintenance, and updates, Basic Support 590€ HT IMTCYN-SK1 Sersa®
Starter Kit
First Steps
CRYSTAL-IN Starter Kit content + 16 hours for dedicated support on customer needs by mail (English/French) or by phone (French) 3600€ HT IMTCYN-SK1-FS Imagem®


Crystal-In Basic version features:

Power supply 5-18 Volts
Memory size 32 Mbytes
Flash Memory available for user 8 Mbytes for SWF + 3 Mbytes for sandbox
Host target communication link Serial RS232, configurable 1200 bps/460 Kbps
Number of available IOs for user 8
Programming language for animations and application controls ActionScript 2.0
HMI application user format .SWF
Mouse and key events management Direct mapping to Flash application.
Compatible with mono-point touch screen panel behavior
Graphics features and ActionScript For detailed supported features and restrictions, ask for the current ATHLET SWF-Library Release Contents Specifications.
Splash-screen Directly managed in SWF application framework
Integrated permanent communication layer with HITS Yes (can be used for debug and maintenance)
Optional FAN extension Yes
Integrated User Files Available user area in Flash Memory (“sandbox”).
SDCARD extension Dedicated port / available on Base board
RS232 communication ports 2 ports switchable for application
Video input(s) No
Backlight management Yes
Touchscreen Support for existing touchscreen interfaces (I2C,RS232,…)
Ask for supported devices list to Imagem Technology.