The company

IMAGEM Technology® is a dynamic French company created in 2003 by engineers animated by a strong will to bring to the market a new and pragmatic answer for embedded displays systems.

Its office is located near Paris in the Courtaboeuf technopole.


After 1 decade of activity, Imagem Technology® is still an independent company without financial investors that is first recognized for its innovative products. Rapid successes, especially in automotive market, are the proof that the Imagem solutions are not only technically attractive but economically as well. Imagem is present in many French car-makers concept cars and prototypes but also in standard equipment of many car brands through the technology licensing granted to a major international car equipment supplier in 2007.


IMAGEM Technology® was a startup recognized as a french J.E.I. (“Jeune Entreprise Innovante”, i.e. “New Innovative Company”). In may 2008, the company received a “Electron d’Or”, symbol of innovation delivered by the french publication “Electronique”, for its original HMI solution.

Automotive market is the historic focus, but Imagem provides with transversal solutions for many embedded sectors (industry, aeronautics…).

The technology developed by Imagem® is provided as Turnkey Solution materialized either by Intellectual Property, graphics card or prototyping box in order to fit different customer needs and profiles.

Since the creation of the company, a lot of big companies trust IMAGEM Technology® and continue to invest on their own future with the help of our experience and competencies.

Discover the company convictions beyond the marketing words through their realizations by visiting the gallery.


A disruptive technology

From the initial convictions of the company founders, the embedded industry needs a Graphics User Interface (GUI) solution that fits designer requirements with minimal development effort at low cost. On the paper, candidates exist but they all require powerful target device to be successfully integrated, and are coming from the consumer market, which is rarely compatible with the EMBEDDED constraints. Moreover, their uses require technical, and sometimes strategical, investment of the company. The philosophy of IMAGEM Technology since its birth is to mask the technical complexity of the graphics domain in order to let user focusing on his own competencies and challenges.

First soft CPU were introduced in the FPGA technology at the beginning of the millennium by Altera, opening a new way of investigation. By combining the strength of the electronics and the intelligence of an integrated CPU, a new way of thinking and opportunities based on complementary competencies were opened.

The company IMAGEM Technology® was a pioneer in this FPGA hybrid technology, and the first company to be able to use generic components to build High Quality and dynamic GUI on FPGA-based system on-chip.


The intrinsic features of the technology developed by IMAGEM Technology® present the following added-value for the customer:

  • High Level applicative concepts, hidden technical complexity and diversity
  • Optimal visual Quality with internal full-color pipe-line, full transparency and antialiasing management.
  • Multi color modes for a complete adaptation to user environment or needs.
  • Multi videos management.
  • Multi display with coherent management between them.
  • Integrated drivers allowing direct management (without conversion step) of standard formats files (JPG & PNG image decoders, TrueType fonts decoder, Adobe® Flash SWF format files).
  • O.S. free implementation although a dynamic and real-time management of application (but compatible with customer Operating System choice).
  • Oriented to user-experience and adapted to embedded constraints: small resources, controlled memory management, low CPU power.

ATHLET® is the IMAGEM Technology® trademark for its Video & Graphics products line based on a legacy implementation for FPGA, mixing software & hardware, which offers the best trade-off between antinomic needs for industrial products.


The ATHLET® concept

Generally, the embedded industry needs a Graphics User Interface solution that fit designer requirements with minimal development effort at low cost. Since 2004. IMAGEM Technology proposes products around the ATHLET® concept, invented in 2004 to highlight strong added values of the know-how and technology of the company. It is based on FPGAs components, which are the unique devices allowing to illustrate the ATHLET® philosophy which believe in harmony between body and spirit, between electronics and computer, to propose well-balanced systems oriented for User Experience.

More than 10 years after, although the world of the graphics solutions have decidedly evolved due the amazing broadcasting of smartphones and high volumes of consumer products based on screen, the pertinence of the ATHLET® solution is more than ever required for the industrial activity, where small and medium production volumes, the essential need to focus on their own competency, the need of creativity, reactivity and perennity and sometimes the embedded constraints makes it difficult to use “magic” existent GPU components to develop the HMI part of their product. A other major justification of the trust on Imagem Technology is its remarkable and unique capability of proposing innovative mock-ups and demonstrators on the final industrial component. By the way, the development of a product becomes without risk for the customer between its feasibility and industrial steps.


ATHLET®-based solutions

IMAGEM Technology® proposes an alternative to existent systems by proposing ready-to-use embedded HMI Boards or products that delivers high performance at small resource, targeting identified user profiles, to be able to be used in minutes by people who need to concentrate on their own activity more than the incommensurate effort of the Graphics User Interface (GUI) implementation of its product.

Starting from user needs

The need of developing a GUI in new product has to deal with modernity (i.e. reactivity, dynamism, innovation), diversity, perennity and evolutivity. These needs are specially difficult to satisfy with additional embedded constraints.

Beyond the technical choice, IMAGEM Technology chooses to be different by proposing solutions allowing customer to reach its own challenges without taking risk and spend time on the graphic or HMI part of its product (it it is not his wish…).

Depending of customer profile, products exist from IP blocks destined to be integrated as a development “brick” of a existent FPGA-based system to high level on-the-shelves and stand-alone prototyping systems. All the products are proposed in a coherent way to be able to move from a profile to another easily. This modular and coherent approach that can be symbolized as a High Level GPU sub-system allows to adapt to any customer architecture

Connected to external world

All solutions are thought to be used with existing authoring tools and existent standard formats. No IMAGEM’s specific tools, training or methods are mandatory to be able to be autonomous and fully operational. This goal explain the choice of integrating in our solution standard format decoders allowing to use files produced by external authoring tools without intermediate transformations (JPG, PNG, TrueType, SWF, …)


More than a simple graphical part of your system, the IMAGEM Technology products propose a very fast and easy way to build your HMIs independently of its complexity, by solutions integration HMI framework capabilities.

Since 2015, all framework integrated by IMAGEM Technology® are based on the LUA language. This strategic choice allows to mix the flexibility of script and its inherent embeddable features. Moreover, it is largely supported by a large developers community. If you do not know this langage or want to learn more, click on the LUA logo.


All products from FGPA IPs to turnkey solutions are user-oriented. Considering that the “unique and universal solution” does exist in term of HMI and video & graphics development, because the appreciation and the success is dependent of the user profile, IMAGEM Technology® designs for each user dedicated products. The permanent search of the user experience is the spirit that inspires every choices of the company.


The apparition (and the current persistence…) of IMAGEM Technology® with different ideas in the graphical domains, where huge companies defend their economical interests and survival conditions, demonstrates the competencies pride and the competitive spirit of the company.

The company want share the belief, the dare and the human qualities by supporting sportive events since 2007: