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In this site you will find all the elements that make d’IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY® a pragmatic company that believes that technology advances with ideas but above all with the know-how, the experience and the talent of its participants. However, if your visit is guided by a need to find quick answers to your expectations, we can summarize that our added value is mainly distinguished in the following two areas:

  • Study and realization of Embedded Communication Technological Demonstrators (prototyping), as well as the possibility of consulting (expertise) on HMI issues: by providing services in large projects, rather oriented towards large companies (see our gallery).
  • Vulgarization and diffusion of original solutions for the development of customized(*) Human Machine Interfaces on industrial products: by providing a software product allowing any size of company and any user profile to perpetuate and capitalize on its HMI developments based on market boards (follow our Magneto Studio® product).

(*)  When the graphic services of the Operating System of the card used do not allow to achieve the required Look & Feel by the native means.