15 years of Innovation

The French company IMAGEM Technology®, created in 2004, has remained small in size but large in terms of ideas and ambitions. Here is his capacity for innovation seen through his successes.

2003, the birth of a new technology
The introduction of Soft(ware) CPUs in programmable cell networks (FPGAs) allows the company’s founders to be the first to imagine using these components for embedded display, and to invent hybrid technology for high-level multi-screen video and graphics management. This idea gives rise to two patents recognized at the French and European level.

2004, another idea of the HMI
The Company disrupted the HMI’s vision with the birth of its ATHLET® concept. His convictions: to integrate the tools of user feeling into a wired motor, allowing him to offer dynamism, transparency and optimal quality on low-resolution screens. Its realization will earn it a Gold Electron in 2008.

2007, the automotive industry
By transferring its hybrid technology to a major automotive equipment manufacturer, Johnson Controls, now Visteon, will produce more than 8 million cluster-type equipment based entirely on its ATHLET® concept and the supply of IMAGEM products.

2012, Embedded Flash®
While the battle for standards for the implementation of HMIs is taking place between the major software companies, driven by performance limitations on high-performance desktop machines, IMAGEM Technology® will remain the only company to have developed and industrialized its own Flash® engine on FPGAs with a soft CPU of less than 100 Mips. Industrial furnace equipment benefits from this technology to offer complex, dynamic and attractive user interfaces to the end user.

2018, Qt on NIOS2
Faced with the success of the Qt framework in the embedded fields, and within a partner project bringing together the major aerospace companies, IMAGEM Technology® has taken up the challenge of running the framework on the smallest matrix of Intel’s FPGA family (MAX10), thus allowing the user to benefit on these industrial components from all the tools in the development chain that contribute to Qt’s success.

IMAGEM, version 2.0

The ATHLET® concept, designed and developed by IMAGEM Technology® since 2004, has proven the performance of the right balance between electronics and informatics. Within the same component, the network of programmable cells, acting as muscles, guaranteed visual performance, while a processor acting as a brain, provided openness to graphic standards and high-level conceptual management. The harmony of techniques proved the performance of the concept on more than 8 million vehicles from 2007 to 2019.

A unique case in the history of embedded electronics, the hybrid technology developed by the French company preceded the user’s expectations in terms of graphic requirements and functional needs. 15 years later, the technological revolution in the field of the graphical interface and the increase in the end-user’s need have taken place, leading to the emergence of many solutions in the embedded field.

After 15 years of exclusive innovations (see box opposite), the company’s creative spirit transcends itself…

In 2019, although retaining its qualities and embedded specificities, the technologies developed by the company are no longer sufficiently different from existing solutions, in terms of user experience, due to the technological evolution of graphic components and their developed power. Continuing its initial ambition of democratizing and popularizing the complex developments of Human Machine Interfaces, IMAGEM Technology® is now setting itself the challenges of making interactive interface technologies available and exploiting them for non-specialists. Its ambitious objective is to give priority, for the design and production of the visible part of a product, to the involvement and participation of the actors who guarantee the design, and to reduce the share of development specific to this speciality.

IMAGEM solutions, version 2.0

For society, technologies must be erased in relation to user expectations and the needs of companies to invest in development tools and methods that make their human investment profitable on several products. At the same time, they must be able to continue to adapt to the best technical choices among the current offers.

To meet this need, IMAGEM Technology® continues to innovate in the Embedded world by offering its revolutionary MAGNETO Studio® tool concept.

By making its solution universal and adaptable to industrial components with low resources, through a single tool open to existing standards, IMAGEM Technology® aims to ensure the durability of HMI development methods, regardless of hardware offerings and technological developments. The MAGNETO Studio® product specifically addresses the HMI prototyping segment or meets the needs of SMEs for which human investment must be made vitally on their own skills rather than the graphic specialists needed for HMI development.

Come and discover MAGNETO Studio®, the innovative tool for embedded performance and the theatre of your achievements and creations on: