A unique tool from prototype to embedded application

A new way to design embedded HMI

Who has never dreamed of being directly connected
with his hardware platform to design its own advanced HMI ()
(without necessarily having knowledge of software development) ?

Lightning fast design your HMI

Always connected to your hardware platform, design interactively.

From prototyping to final embedded application in one tool

You can produce more than a prototype, but your complete application with Magneto Studio® ready to be embedded on your platform.

Keep in mind that for Imagem « embedded » is not only a word but has a real sense in term of material constraints. See our history and success.

No development tool to install, no building steps required

Just your ideas, Magneto Studio® and your preferred platform.
You know how to use a mouse, you will know how to use Magneto Studio®.

Magneto Studio® : your fusional tool, from prototyping to final code in your product, the way to shape the metal with your mind.

Open to other designer modern and valued tools

Maintain your habits : produce your content in your favorite tool (Sketch,…), export it in SVG and import it in Magneto Studio®.

. . .

Magneto Studio®:
the direct link between your mind and your embedded platform.

You are Small and Medium-sized business, you have to develop a product with attractive HMI and your added value is elsewhere, focus on own competency. Keep your technical freedom, so do not invest in inappropriate tools and skills that engage your company in the futur. Business model of Magneto Studio® is made for you !

Discover Magneto Studio®‘s INNOVATION with the presentation video.