For IMAGEM Technology®, the range of its customer profiles must go from technical experts to passionate designers, with products adapted to the people involved in the projects. This perspective allows them to focus on their own challenges when the need for HMI is not part of it.

Since 2004, IMAGEM Technology® has been offering services and products dedicated to users, i.e. responding to each customer profile and able to adapt to any architecture. The constant search for User Experience is the spirit that inspires all the company’s choices.

As pioneers in the field of User Experience for embedded development, we have designed and developed our own hardware platforms to popularize our ideas and spread our convictions. We have thus produced 5 generations of automotive rapid prototyping boxes that have enabled our customers to join the panels of innovations at automotive manufacturers or equipment manufacturers for more than a decade, during which only the embedded PC was the only response to their needs. Having chosen to integrate the scope of our know-how into field programmable Gate Array components (FPGAs), this challenge has enabled us to cultivate a recognized know-how in the development of HMI solutions on low power and limited resource systems. This hardware and software flexibility has also allowed us to develop a large number of products dedicated to the specific needs of our customers, allowing them to be present in the ranks of global innovation.

Today, the emergence of a diversified offer in terms of hardware platforms, developing significant processing and computation powers (CPUs) and associated with graphics processors (GPUs) allows IMAGEM Technology® to capitalize on know-how that is still relevant today to take advantage of a greater ambition: that of separating the development phases specific to the HMI from those of the functional and business parts. Excluding prototyping or customer-specific needs, the company now focuses its R&D on a single universal tool: Magneto Studio®, a fully integrated development chain that allows users to go from the pure design of the HMI to the programming of the final application on target.

By masking complexity and material diversity, IMAGEM Technology® remains true to its principles, and allows all user profiles to focus on their own objectives, while guaranteeing them the sustainability of their developments as well as flexibility and freedom of choice for their projects according to the market offer.