Multi-platform Embedded Development

A know-how based on experience

Our know-how based on experience is appreciated by our permanent concern to hide the technical details that make the use of our creations natural and intuitive, even in the production of prototypes. For us, the project does not stop with the functional operation of a system, but must go beyond it by being robust to operational hazards, including monitoring resources and preparing maintenance phases. This technical pragmatism, resulting from a long experience, can be made invisible to our customers, to be perceived only as a way to achieve their own objective without any pitfalls and without project risks.

Actions beyond words
The realization and participation in multiple Concepts Cars for the automotive industry or technology demonstrators for the military or aeronautics, testifies to this ability to participate in innovative developments intended to be presented to a wide audience. Our experience makes it possible to minimize the undesirable effects due to the novelty of the products presented and the unforeseen events related to events, for presentations that must be flawless in the eyes of visitors.

The sensibility of the Embedded

The term “embedded” is used very broadly today and the answers are often linked to the notion of miniaturization of components and their integration capacity. For IMAGEM Technology®, this word is associated above all with notions of limited material resources, Real Time and development constraints. Our ambition has always been to allow, even on small systems, to offer modern solutions oriented towards the user and making them forget the constraints specific to embedded equipment.

The automotive market is the historical axis, but Imagem provides transversal solutions for many embedded sectors (industry, aeronautics…).

Actions beyond words
By transferring its hybrid technology to a major automotive supplier, Johnson Controls, now Visteon, IMAGEM Technology® has enabled its customer to offer dynamic and quality displays to drivers, despite the strong economic constraints in this sector.
From 2007 to 2019, the OEM produced more than 8 million cluster-type equipment, including the Man-Machine Interface of its integrated display, based entirely on the first-generation ATHLET® concept, implemented on Intel FPGA components (ex Altera).

A technology-oriented business model

IMAGEM Technology® shares its skills with its partners and customers by providing added value in its own products. In addition to its off-the-shelf product offer,, the company also knows how to adapt to specific customer needs through dedicated tailor-made projects. And although we are a small company limiting its commitments in terms of number of projects, each objective chosen concentrates the energy of the company’s stakeholders for the success of our client’s achievements. Involvement in projects is decided on the basis of our convictions and our confidence that our know-how is adapted to the customer’s needs. Economic logic is not the driving force behind our choices. Involvement, competence and total customer satisfaction are the indicators of pride that we call professionalism.

Actions beyond words
The realization or participation in multiple advanced development projects for the automotive, military or aeronautics industries, as part of the realization of demonstrators for their communication, testifies to a reliable involvement in events at the cutting edge of technology and under high pressure.

Adapting to diversity

One of Imagem Technology’s major strengths is its ability to adapt to a double diversity: that of its customer profiles and that of its systems.

Diversity of user profile

From customers side, some needs often exist to prove their own technology or competencies on systems requiring a display. The problem appears in this case because the external appreciation of their added value goes through the visual part of their system, becoming then dependent of their graphics and GUI choices. This situation can lead to an strong investment on the visual part of the system instead of concentrating effort on the functional one, which can be dramatical or insurmountable for small companies. The requirements of embedded and stand-alone system makes an additional obstacle.

The range of IMAGEM Technology®‘s customer profiles is expected to go from technical experts to passionate designers, with adapted products to people involved in project. This view allows them to focus on their own challenges when the HMI need is not one of them. To fit embedded requirements and propose HMI prototyping systems, IMAGEM Technology® has developed a strong expertise in Video & Graphics technologies, and has introduced in their solutions  High Level concepts allowing to hide the internal technical complexity to their customers.

Technical diversity and material evolution:

IMAGEM Technology® was built in 2004 on originality and innovation, making it possible to meet the dynamic and quality needs of Human Machine Interfaces when widely distributed products did not exist. It was then a pioneer company in the popularization of complex video and graphic techniques. Today, the expansion of hardware solutions and display technologies has shifted the technical complexity towards a diversity of exploitation of the proposed solutions. Our know-how now depends for our customers only on an expertise intended to be made available in a popular way, but also on our ability to adapt to different development environments and to master existing solutions. In a world where material choices are rapidly declining, IMAGEM Technology® seeks to remain the beacon to guarantee the economic course for companies that do not have the resources or strategy to follow the diversity and technological evolution of display systems.

Actions beyond words
Thanks to its ability to adapt to the unique profile of its customers, Imagem Technology® can offer technical solutions to teams of experts (such as automotive equipment manufacturers or industrial companies) as well as services to communication departments (such as the Design departments of automobile manufacturers). All the projects, some of which are presented in the web site gallery, testify to this ambition to adapt to the needs of its interlocutors.
The solutions developed by Imagem Technology® have been proposed in many aspects but always in the form of turnkey solutions, in order to best meet the different needs and profiles of its customers (Intellectual Property Block for FPGA, HMI coprocessing card, 5 generations of embedded prototyping boxes, or complete prototype demonstrators).
In an era where hardware solutions offer the means to express the creativity of designers on screens, innovation today requires mastering existing technologies to aggregate them into a whole designed to convey a company’s ideas, concepts and messages according to its objectives. This often leads to the use of uncured consumer products, even in embedded applications. In the realization of Renault’s Trezor Car Concept (2016), IMAGEM Technology® has designed and built a distributed architecture that perfectly meets the design and Human Machine Interface needs of its customer and relies on no less than 4 different architecture ECUs (proprietary cooperative OS, Linux, Android) to consistently manage the 5 screens that make up the demonstrator.