IMAGEM Technology® is a company that relies on the talent of its technical stakeholders to provide solutions adapted to the needs of its customers and their desire to get involved in the field of Human Machine Interface. Whatever the level of knowledge of its customers in this field, their know-how in embedded development makes it possible to support technological projects in their visible part, their experience makes it possible to avoid pitfalls in their design, implementation and maintenance.

The scope of IMAGEM Technology®‘s customer profiles should range from technical experts to passionate designers, with products adapted to the people involved in the project. This perspective allows them to focus on their own challenges when the need for HMI is not part of it.

IMAGEM Technology® proposes services and products dedicated to users, i.e. responding to each customer profile and able to adapt to any architecture. The constant search for the user experience is the spirit that inspires all the company’s choices.

Multi-platform development
Low-resources systems
System Architecture Adaptation
Customized solutions
High Level solutions
Easy integration
OS adaptation
Video & Graphics expertise
All integrated tools
End User Oriented
Eco system also for Embedded
No software development