We are proud and very happy to have aroused your curiosity and to have been convincing enough to generate an enthusiasm that led you to this page.

Unfortunately, you are a little early… MAGNETO Studio® is still in our laboratories for a while. It has been designed with all the components that already give it the qualities you probably noticed in the presentation video.

However, we must accustom him to external presences and domesticate him so that he can perfectly render the great services for which he is intended. His good education will take time but don’t worry, it will be done gradually, and very quickly you will be able to evaluate it for free and follow its evolution.

To raise a curtain on what will be on this page, we have chosen to offer before the end of the year a first evaluation version on MacOS on one of the most popular cards on the market: the Raspberry Pi.

Be notified when a free trial version is available

IMAGEM TECHNOLOGY proposes to make Magneto Studio®‘s evolutions available to the most enthusiastic users, as the maturity of the tool will allow them to appreciate its new features while respecting the User Experience.

Register now, the beta versions will be deployed free of charge in batches for a better control of the feedback.