MAX10 NEEK platform

If you are owner of a MAX10 NEEK platform, you can now download Ready-to-Run GUI demos that have been designed specifically for the NEEK10 demo launcher.

The NEEK10 development kit, powered by Terasic Company (, comes preconfigured with a default utility that boots up on power on and allows users to quickly select, load, and run different demonstrations stored on an SD Card using the NEEK10 touch panel.
By simply storing the new demonstration files into the NEEK10 SD Card, you will get access to these demos into the application selector interface, as illustrated in the following picture.

The following table lists the available demonstrations included into the NEEK10_demos package:

demo name Product focus Description Version
ATHLET Display Overlay ATHLET VIP Showcase display HMI management based on ATHLET Display Controller.
The demo includes:
– Mutli-Layers composition (Overlay)
– Multi Video (camera, HDMI-Rx)
– Landscape/portrayal Display Layout
– User-interactivity (multi-touch)
– User-friendly animations
ATHLET Vector Graphics ATHLET VIP Showcase Vector Graphics rendering capabilities of ATHLET VGR IP core.
Demo includes:
– Fluid animations.
– User-interactivity (multi-touch)
– High-quality Paths drawings.
– High-quality Images drawings.
– VGR misc. features (clipping, masking, gradients and pattern painting…).


platform Demos Version Release date package
MAX10 NEEK 1.1 2017/12/22

To go further

The demos based on ATHLET VIP have been generated from the Reference Designs included into the ATHLET VIP package. This package can be downloaded after filling the evaluation form by clicking here.