Depending of customer profile, products exist from IP blocks destined to be integrated as a development “brick” of a existent FPGA-based system to high level on-the-shelves and stand-alone prototyping systems. All the products are proposed in a coherent way to be able to move from a profile to another easily. This modular and coherent approach that can be symbolized as a High Level GPU sub-system allows to adapt to any customer architecture.

The range of IMAGEM Technology®’s customer profiles is expected to go from technical experts to passionate designers, with adapted products to people involved in project. This view allows them to focus on their own challenges when the HMI need is not one of them.

All products from FGPA IPs to turnkey solutions are user-oriented. Considering that the “unique and universal solution” does exist in term of HMI and video & graphics development, because the appreciation and the success is dependent of the user profile, IMAGEM Technology® designs for each user dedicated products. The permanent search of the user experience is the spirit that inspires every choices of the company.